Lonely Island Retreat

Replace concrete with sand, worry with tranquility, and fuss with the harmony of the sea and the mountains. Enjoy working, relaxing, or simply living in the private bungalows at Pag Island.

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The perfect stay

There are four types of bungalows made for 2, 4, and 6 people. They each come fully equipped and ready to live in, with private bathrooms, a kitchen, and terrace. Book the perfect place for your getaway!

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Living on your own terms

Have you ever wondered what silence sounds like? The search for a peaceful state of mind ends at Lonely Island Retreat. Whether you are looking for a chance to connect with nature, a peaceful working environment, or a destination that offers diversity in exploring and sightseeing – in all of the cases we have got you covered!

Explore the fully equipped houses in Novalja on beautiful Pag Island. Each one has got a spacious private terrace with a view and gives you the chance to fully relax.

Our Amenities

All sanitary, electricity and water needs are met and at hand, so you can relax and move into the new home with no worry.



Terrace with a view 


Satellite TV

Air Conditioning

Outside gym



Available lodges

Garden House

Positioned in the heart of the resort, Garden House allows you to be alone but not lonely.

Studio Lodge

If you are interested in full privacy on your own or in pairs, Studio Lodge is the perfect fit.


Away from all the fuss, your House on the hill gives you a spectacular view of the calm sea and steady mountains.

Beach House

Situated right along the beach, you will have a front row seat to breathtaking views.

Lonely Island Retreat

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Fortress, Island of Pag

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Why Pag Island during the winter is a perfect holiday idea

When one thinks of Pag Island, Croatia, the mind often wanders to images of sun-soaked beaches, vibrant summer festivals, and lively nightlife. However, this picturesque island transforms into a serene and beautiful winter wonderland during the colder months. For those seeking a unique and offbeat holiday experience, Pag Island proves to be an exceptional destination […]

Pravila nagradne igre

Čl. 1. Osvoji odmor na otoku Pagu: Priređivač nagradne igre „Osvoji odmor na otoku Pagu“ (u daljenjem tekstu: “Nagradna igra”) je Noa Grupa d.o.o. sa sjedištem u Zagrebu, Preradovićeva 17, 10 000 Zagreb, OIB: 03299965935 (u daljnjem tekstu: „Priređivač“). Nagradna igra priređuje se u cilju promidžbe i unapređenja prodaje proizvoda WD-40. Čl. 2. Nagrada: Pobjednik […]

Lonely Island Retreat

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