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Experience the Island’s very best flavors

This island knows how to do it right when it comes to food, drinks, and tradition. Let us show you the path to an excellent gourmet experience that will leave your palate craving for more. To get to know the island itself, one needs to get to know some of the characteristics of the location. So, what are the island’s very best flavors to experience?

  1. Pag cheese

Made exclusively of sheep milk from the island of Pag. Registered cheese factories and family-run farms on the entire island produce only 200 tons of Pag cheese annually. This number is limited due to the capacity of sheep that can freely graze. During the production process, cheese is rubbed with ash and olive oil, enhancing the savory flavor. Nationally labeled as Croatia’s best cheese is a result of very specific conditions provided by herbs, wind, and a special breed of sheep – the whole process seems like magic.

Where to buy: From Kolan to Lun, many locals will put up signs along the road saying „Pag cheese“ or „Paški sir“. We also recommend „Paška sirana“ and „Gligora“.

  1. Lun’s Olive oil

Located in Lun, a small place on the north part of the island is where the highest quality olive oil is made. With olive trees over 2000 years old, a part of the Lun’s olive grove is protected and labeled a botanical reserve. These hand-picked olives are processed into Lun’s olive oil the very same day. Combined with Pag cheese, some prosciutto and sweet grapes is a flavor dreams are made of.

  1. Boškinac Wine

Family winery and a restaurant Boškinac really knows how to serve tradition and innovation on the same plate. Just a few minutes away from the center of Novalja this Michelin star restaurant and winery is an amazing place to experience the island’s very best flavors at a single location. Boškinac wine is a great option on any occasion.

We are sure in one thing at the end of this path – after you experience the island’s very best flavors you will forever be tied to the island of Pag. Even after you leave, the imprints of your adventures with make you retell these memories and remember them with a smile on your face.


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