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What places to explore while staying at Lonely Island Retreat?

life on mars trail pag

If you are in search of places to getaway and enjoy the nature – look no further. Some of the most precious hidden gems of Croatian natural beauty are right here waiting for you to discover and admire them.

Life on Mars

What would you do if you were given a chance to take a walk on Mars?  Thanks to a Croatian trekking enthusiast, Šimun Cimerman – this activity is possible right here on the Pag Island. Beginning and ending in Metajna, a few kilometers away from the City of Novalja, the trail offers two different trail lenghts. Active category is 15 and Challenger category is 24 kilometers long, but both of them will leave you speechless while discovering the beauty of nothingness.

The name of the trail itself paints a picture of the landscape waiting for you to discover. Add this activity to the schedule and discover a landscape so raw and bare, with signs of life hiding in plain sight. Rocks that surround you change colors depending on the time of day and year, but the smell of salt and herbs growing among the stones will follow you all the way. While the view of the Velebit mountain and sea surrounding it will keep your senses busy, your adventure will be interrupted by some of the most beautiful beaches for you to sit down and absorb the scenario before you.

So, what do you say – see you on Mars?

Moon Island’s Mediterranean swamp

Not all untouched nature of the island purely consists of rocks and the sea surrounding it. Just a ten-minute drive from Lonely Island Retreat separates you from the ornithological reserve in Kolanjsko blato, home to almost two hundred species of endemic birds, fish, and reptiles. The reserve dates back all the way to the Ice Age and is one of the hidden gems deserving of the spot on your ‘to do list’ considering many places like these in Europe dried out.

You will find yourself standing in the middle of an oasis full of life with a desert like island filling in the background of the surrounding landscape. The astonishing amount of beauty located at the Kolanjsko blato reserve will make you feel like you have just stepped into a different reality.

Allow Pag Island to offer you it’s finest treasures, whether you prefer an oasis or a desert horizon – this place will not let you down.


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