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Fortress, Island of Pag

The Fortica fortress is located at the very entrance of the island of Pag, after crossing the Pag bridge. It was built in the 17th century, and it once housed crews of soldiers. Already in the 1st century AD, Pag emerged as an important position on the maritime route from the south to the northern Adriatic. The need for a fort arose precisely for this reason, the location became a target for pirates with the aim of attacking merchant ships, and at the same time, illegal trade was separated.

Today, Fortica is a well-known tourist destination for many tourists visit Pag Island, it was recently renovated, and the approach to it is well arranged and marked so that both people and cars could move easily. However, drivers should be advised to drive carefully, since there are even quite “unpleasant” holes in the asphalt. However, it should also be mentioned that there is a sufficiently spacious parking lot right at the foot of the fortress. The road leading down to the fortress is a remnant from those days when, during the Homeland War, the Pag’s bridge was damaged by JNA air raids and traffic, the only lifeline connecting the north and south of Croatia, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, took place along the route.

How popular the place is is evidenced by the fact that it has already accumulated over 1,200 guest reviews on Google from all over the world.

“A wonderful vantage point with a view of the Pag Bridge. You need to be careful when walking on the rocks, they can be slippery if they are wet”, warns Marius Achim. Jean-Noel Howel writes that ten cats live on the site and invites visitors not to forget to bring them something. Jiri Gallik claims that the place is great for fishing, which he supported with photos of caught fish. Arkadius Miodonski thinks that Fortica is nothing but ordinary ruins, but at least you don’t have to pay to see it. Boštjan Trobentar writes that autumn is also a great time to visit this historical monument, and Peter Minarik is delighted with the possibility of jumping into the clear sea.


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