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The perfect stay

There are four types of bungalows made for 2, 4, and 6 people. They each come fully equipped and ready to live in, with private bathrooms, a kitchen, and terrace. Book the perfect place for your getaway!

Have you ever wondered what silence sounds like? The search for a peaceful state of mind ends here. Whether you are looking for a chance to connect with nature,  a peaceful working environment, or a destination that offers diversity in exploring and sightseeing – in all of the cases we have got you covered

Each house type is fully equipped with all needed essentials and ready to live in. Lonely Island Retreat visitors will have their own kitchen, bathroom, living room, and private terrace with stunning views. Choose the house that fits you, depending on the number of visitors and your needs.


Away from all the fuss, your House on the hill gives you a spectacular view of the calm sea and steady mountains.

Studio Lodge

If you are interested in full privacy on your own or in pairs, Studio Lodge is the perfect fit.

Garden House

Positioned in the heart of the resort, Garden House allows you to be alone but not lonely.

Beach House

Situated right along the beach, you will have a front row seat to breathtaking views.


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