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Our Story

Lonely Island Retreat is a place where nature is the focus. The lodges offer a warm welcome into the simple and peaceful way of living.


Welcome to Lonely Island Retreat

The picturesque lodges of Lonely Island Retreat are located at Pag Island in Croatia. As one of the most unique landscapes of the Mediterranean, Pag Island is a place every nature lover should explore. The retreat is near Novalja city, where the visitors will find supermarkets, bakeries, and all other necessities. Being close to the city, but still in a little bubble surrounded by sea and clean air is the perfect example of comfort.

Discover the charm of the Lonely Island Retreat

Lonely Island Retreat lodges

Made to blend with the environment, the lodges perfectly represent a stay at the Lonely Island Retreat. Each type of home has something to offer, whether you’re coming with a group, that special someone, or by yourself. Each accommodation unit includes a private bathroom, kitchen, terrace, and living room. During the stay, our staff will be at disposal to grant any wishes our visitors might have.


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